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Asian Girls Like White Guys! Don’t Believe Me? Find Out Why!

No matter how much you may try to avoid saying it, Asian girls like white guys! This is based on a ton of research, observations, and Asian gals sharing their opinion on the topic. I will share what I have found out, so please don’t hate on the messenger.

A Loving, Caring Gentleman Is More Common Among White Guys

Some Asian girls have shared that they feel that White guys are better at making an Asian gal feel loved by taking the time to give compliments and offer encouragement. Asian men often feel that their status means that an Asian gal should feel fortunate to be with her man.  It has been said that the lack of emotion and communication has been a factor in some Asian gals moving on from their own race. Asian females are drawn to more nurturing nature of the Western man.

White Guys Have More Life Experience and Are More Worldly

Many Asian girls have a perception that most white guys have more life experience and are more worldly than their Asian counterparts. Maybe it’s the fact that the white guy comes from a freer society or perhaps is just more willing to discuss his life experiences and that is an attractive attribute in the Asian gals eyes. Also, most Asian gals value growth, so having more life experience and being able to share your love for the knowledge you have gained in your life can make an Asian girl find you more attractive.

Asian Girls Like White Guys?  White Men Understand Woman Better, So They Say

Asian Girls Like White Guys

White men have learned about woman since Junior High School because relationships with girls is acceptable. However, in many Asian schools, having girlfriends is not allowed, so it becomes more difficult for Asian men to learn about female psychology. The western male probably has good role models to observe in relating to females, while the Asian guy may not have witnessed much affection growing up since it may have been believed to not be necessary. White men may seem to understand a woman’s needs better in realizing that they need to be loved, touched, and adored.

Life Is Easier In a Western Country With A White Man

There is another big reason why Asian girls like white guys! White men are the majority in a Western Country and therefore will have more resources to be successful. An Asian woman in a Western Country is a minority, and therefore may find it more difficult to be successful without a lot more effort since racism does still exist.  If an Asian female is with a white guy,  she may feel that she is part of the majority and can use her White guy’s contacts to network a more successful path in life.

Asian Girls Prefer The White Guy’s Open-Minded Lifestyle

Asian females like the fact that White men tend to be more open-minded about lifestyle options and whether or not that will include kids. The Asian male may have a model in mind for the perfect life that is quite common, but not of interest to some Asian females. Many Asian men are driven so hard at work, that they may feel that this validates them, so there does not need to be attention to making time together more stimulating. The Asian girl with the White guy knows that sporting events, concerts, and exotic trips will be far more interesting than the obligatory dinner and a movie that they may do over and over again with the Asian male. Maybe he feels that he does not need to nurture the relationship anymore.The Asian female knows that the White Guy will probably have “Date Night” to maintain a spark in their relationship and that is hugely appealing. Asian girls like white guys!

White Guys Appreciate An Asian Girls Beauty!

There seems to be an obsession with people getting cosmetic procedures, skin coloring, and making themselves more attractive to those hopefully in pursuit of their affection. What the Asian females are starting to realize is, the White guy finds them beautiful as Asians even though many Asians are trying to look more western. Asian men are known to be tough towards other Asians as far as how they look and over time have a reputation for not appreciating what they have in a mate.  Asian girls have a little secret among themselves in that they deeply appreciate the more sensually knowing White Male when it comes to intimate issues and knowing how to please an Asian Woman. That should be all you need to hear right there!


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