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Published on October 19th, 2016 | by abb


NBC Pulls Plug on Mail Order Bride

NBC has caved-in to America’s social mob mentality by deciding not to let a show that features a Filipina mail order bride go into production. The show was pitched by the creator of NBC’s prime time show Super Store, and is centered around a widower who falls for a mail order bride and brings her to the U.S. to help raise his kids.

Once word got out about the show, there was such a backlash on social media about playing into Asian stereotypes, that NBC cancelled the show before it ever went into actual production. Now personally, I find NBC’s Super Store to be far more offensive. If you want to do mankind a favor, tweet your protesting heart away to put that show out of its misery. I could actually feel my IQ dropping as I watched, so I had to change the channel after 20 minutes…Who the heck thought 60 minutes of what resembles a documentary about a Walmart was a good idea?

I regress, there is nothing wrong with finding true love with an Asian mail order bride! God forbid, two people find happiness together! But Nooo, this is further proof that most everyone is now offended by most everything, meaning that no matter how good your intentions may be, someone will look at it in a negative light. People tweeted that glamorizing a mail order bride was in poor taste because the couple would not know each other. Really? In today’s world, the couple may have had an ongoing dialogue going online and already have a long list of things they hate about each other. And now…They finally get to be together, forever, and that’s a beautiful thing.

If you want to send out some constructive tweets, ask NBC why we have to be subjugated to watching Scot Baio work retail. He probably gets a lot more done without those cameras following him around.

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