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Published on October 31st, 2016 | by abb


Psst…There’s a Secret Place to Meet Asian Gals, IMVU!

There are beautiful girls all over the internet, but if you’re into Asian gals, there’s a secret place to meet Asian gals called IMVU. IMVU is an online virtual world. Even if you have heard of this virtual playground, you may not have considered the social aspects of such a place. This is where you can have an edge over other guys once you get your moves down. You see, many people just go to IMVU to roam around in a cool wonderland of make-believe. However, there are chat rooms which are prime spots to meet girls, Asian girls in particular! This is the case because once you poke around a bit, you will see that that Asians seem to make up a fair share of the IMVU landscape.


Now, when you are moving about the virtual landscape, you will only be seen in you character’s form, that’s because you will pick out an avatar to portray yourself. Not to worry, this can work in your favor because you won’t simply be judged on your looks. How is that good you say? Well, it gives you a chance to connect on a more cerebral level and this allows one to come off as a cool cat before she sees you outside of the virtual world. This can play out beautifully for a number of reasons:
* You have already engaged your Asian girl’s interest.
* Perhaps, you have had a chance to get inside her head or maybe touch her heart (Virtually of course).
* You’re are not just another “Player,” but now, a trusted acquaintance.
This is a new way to meet a girl, and since IMVU is often frequented by Asian girls, it is a fun new way to meet Asian girls!

A Virtual Landscape For Dating

IMVU is like a singles bar that has many rooms full of Asian gals who take the form of virtual females. They do this by way of an avatar that each visitor chooses as their permanent identity. Don’t be surprised if you learn that someone is Asian, but chose an Avatar that looks somewhat Caucasian, this is normal. Once inside IMVU, you can join various groups and roam about the chat rooms. When entering a room, say hello and get your game on! There’s no pressure or awkward scenarios. If a girl is not receptive to your advances, she may just take the conversation to more of a role-playing mode. You can go along with how she rolls or simply move on to another chat room where there may be that single Asian gal who is more open to your flirtations. Sound fun? It is!


You get to hang out in a cool, virtual landscape and approach female characters. They either share their contact info over time
or perhaps they go into a nerdy transition of virtual play if they are still sizing you up. It’s a fun, cool, new way to meet woman. Read on for information on how to navigate the IMVU virtual landscape.

Getting Started On IMVU

Once you follow the link to the world of IMVU, you will be asked to sign-up and select a character/avatar. This is what people will see when they encounter you in the Chat Rooms. As you spend time on the site, you can earn credits. These credits can be used to customize your avatar to be more stylish or to allow you access to different parts of IMVU. You can also click on VIP to enhance your experience as well as your avatar in a faster manner. When inside IMVU, you can click on, “CHAT” and let the site match you up with someone to chat with or hit the button that says, “ALL ROOMS” and select a Chat Room on your own.

Hang Out & Connect or Move On

There are many chat rooms, so if you are not feeling a good vibe, you have many options. If you want to return to a chat room,but forgot where you were, just hit, “Recent” and a list of where you’ve been will appear. The site has lots of extras too!
For example, there is an age verification, so you know the age of a given Avatar. As you make friends, you can learn where people are from and find out their age that way also.

IMVU is definitely worth a visit. I would try the VIP mode, so I could rule the virtual landscape and meet my next Asian girlfriend. You might even want to invite Asian gals you have met online to join you at IMVU as a fun way to break the ice.
So there you have it, a secret place to meet Asian gals. Give it a try!

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